My Bio

Elena Sirina - Actress, Model, Dancer, MusicianElena is was born to a large family, fourth of six children and the only girl. She grew up in a small town Sillamae located on the Baltic Sea coast in Estonia.
In addition to attending a regular school, Elena and all of her siblings went to a music school, where they each studied for 7 years. Elena plays classical and jazz piano and basic guitar.
Elena has been dancing since the age of 7. Initially, for 6 years she was studying and performing with the dance ensemble at numerous concerts/festivals. She danced traditional folk and classic dances, eventually diversifying into other styles- contemporary, jazz, street, belly dance and tango. She was a regular performer in a range of dance events staged on a local level. Moreover, she performed internationally at dance festivals in Bulgaria and Russia. Elena is also experienced in staging choreography, be it private orders for marrying couples or a group dance for bridesmaids. In 2012 she also was teaching children, 5-10 years old, street and contemporary styles in, London.  
Her love and passion for theatre started at the age of 15, when she joined a local theatre production for youngsters. During that time she took part in different theatre festivals in Estonia.   In 2008-2010 she went on to study Teaching & Training at Tallinn University, Estonia. In 2010 Elena came to London and she continued her studies. She graduated with BSc in Economics & Business, first honours, from London Metropolitan University in July 2014. In 2012 Elena took a three-month intensive course Voice for Performance in Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD). In 2014 she took English pronunciation course for international actors, level 3, at City Lit Academy.  
Even though she studied business, her heart and soul were always calling to perform on stage, so she continued acting in films, modelling and dancing.
Some of the films she was involved in 2013-2014 are Want by Jeff Stewart (script and idea is Elena’s); Covers by Waiki Harnis; Blueprint by Ab Lin; Offers by Julian Butshell and many others. Music videos - Takes Two by Belle & the Busker and Can’t Compete by Samantha Avalon. Commercials- Sheila Hardy dresses in Leighton House Museum.
Elena played the role of Salome in the theatre production Salome (Oscar Wilde) at Lord of Stanley theatre, London, October 2014.  
Currently Elena is in the rehearsal process of a modern theatre play about choices and consequences, to be staged this year in London. Elena is also involved in development of few feature films. Once a week Elena presents on TRT MUSIC, National Turkish channel, in the programme London Eye. Elena is passionate about writing and she is working now on her own scripts for short films, that in future will be developed into feature films.    
Elena about herself: "I am a professional, versatile, experienced, creative, hard working and charismatic performer. I am passionate about the art of acting and I welcome any opportunity to develop and explore the diversity of the profession. I am based in London and I am prepared to travel. Thank you for looking at my profile, I look forward to hearing from you."

Physical Characteristics

Height: 167 cm / 5ft 6in
Weight: 54 kg / 118 lbs
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Skin colour: White
Eye colour: Blue
Chest: 91 cm / 36 in
Waist: 60 cm / 24in
Hips: 91 cm / 36in
Shoe size: 4.0 UK / 5.5 US / 37.0 Euro
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: Medium
Hair type: Wavy
Dress Size: 7-8